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Observe your truth

Sunstone Yoga is a boutique neighborhood studio in Westchester, California. Join our community in practicing the ancient art and science of yoga to awaken the joy, vitality, health and levels of consciousness that are within each of us. Through breath, movement and stillness you'll quiet the mind, challenge the body and find your truth. The Sunstone itself is believed to help promote receiving the energy and vitality of the sun while grounding to the steadiness of the stone that is our Mother Earth.

Discover the path

The vinyasa style of yoga is a flowing sequence of postures based on one breath per movement. Each class starts out slowly and thoughtfully as you awaken the body through focused breath and gentle movement. As the body builds warmth, the muscles allow for longer and deeper stretches. The series of poses arc toward a peak in the heat sequence and then descend gradually to a peaceful resting pose. Whether you're new to vinyasa yoga or a seasoned practitioner, our instructors are here to guide each class safely and help you find all of the challenges and joy that yoga has to offer.

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Classes available 7 days a week

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