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Sunstone Yoga strives to offer the highest quality instruction while honoring the health and wellness of each practitioner. We proudly present yoga classes that provide physical and mental nourishment for people of all ages, skill and fitness levels.

Our teachers are highly trained in the vinyasa style of yoga which is characterized by flowing sequences of postures that transition from one to the next while anchored on focused breath. Each teacher brings their own unique style to every class while maintaining a foundation of movement that will increase body heat (and sweat) in order to foster deeper stretching, mobility, and detoxification. The end result is the building of strength and flexibility to tone the body, while enhancing relaxation and tranquility in the mind. Our experienced instructors strive to ensure the safest practice possible by offering adjustments and modifications based on individual needs.

We take pride in leading thoughtful classes that make yoga accessible to everyone and urge you to listen to the wisdom of your body as you develop in this ancient practice. Most of all we encourage you to have fun and enjoy the community that thrives here at Sunstone Yoga.


Owners Kim & Chris Ohno met at a neighborhood yoga class in Venice Beach in 2013. As their relationship with each other developed, so did their individual and joint relationships with the practice. Yoga became an integral connection in their relationship, so much so that they each took teacher training with Tamal Dodge, whose class they had met in, and, became engaged at a retreat he had organized in a sleepy beach town on the East Coast.  We are proud to be part of this community which we have raised our children in for the past sixteen years and look forward to serving the neighborhood with a safe space for growth in mind, body and spirit.

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